Integrating Intercom and Advocately

1. Make sure you are logged into both Advocately and Intercom

2. Go to Intercom settings in Advocately

3. Click the blue 'Connect with Intercom' and follow the prompts

4.  Check both the 'Enable Intercom Events' and 'Import Conversation Ratings' check boxes and click the green 'Update Settings' button

Now, you can set up your Advocately Review Campaigns to use the Intercom Conversation Ratings

1. Click the Envelope in the left hand navigation bar to go to the Campaigns section of Advocately

2. Click the green 'Create New Campaign' button in the top right hand corner and chose the 'Automatic + manual' option

3. Set up a campaign with the following Goals and Rules:

Please note, the 'Campaign id is not' rule should be any existing campaign you have set up asking users for a review.  You do not want customers going through multiple review campaigns.  'G2 Crowd Reviews' is just an example.

4.  You can then set up the content of your campaigns using the 'New Campaign Step' button.

We are happy to help you double check that everything is set up perfectly.  If you have any questions or would like us to double check what you have set up, please click our Intercom Chat Icon to get in touch.

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