Initial Checklist

Smart Campaign

  • Go to
  • On the left hand side, click **New Campaign** and name it *Advocately Reviews*
  • On the right hand side, click **Edit Settings**
  • On the left hand side under **Set your campaign goal**
  • Click the plus icon
  • Search for **advocately-submitted-review** and select **is Triggered**
  • On the left hand side under Choose who enters the campaign click **Add rule**
  • Search for **event**
  • Select **is**
  • Find **advocately-submitted-survey-response-promoter** and click the checkbox.
  • Click the checkbox beside **first occurred**
  • Select **less than**
  • Fill in the input with *3*.
  • Click **Done** 
  • On the left hand side under **We’ll always send the most relevant message**
  • Update the day separator to *4*, it should say **At least 4 days apart**

Adding messages

  • Click **New auto message** and set the name as **Touch 1**
  • Select a channel
  • Click **Write your message**
  • Copy the subject from the first touch your campaign in Advocately
  • Copy the body from the first touch of your campaign in Advocately
  • Click **Review and set live**
  • Click **Save and close**

Repeat for Touch 2 and Touch 3

Final checkup

  • Check you have enabled Intercom within Advocately.
  • Click Settings
  • Toggle **Enabled** to true
  • Click **Update Settings**
  • Check that your Smart campaign is live
  • Go into the campaign and click **Go live**
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